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Junior Youth Program

The Junior Youth Empowerment Program is a global movement inspiring young people, parents, and community members to work together toward a better world.


Falling between the ages of 12 and 15 and representing a transition from childhood to youth, young adolescents—referred to as “junior youth”—experience rapid physical, intellectual, and emotional changes. Their spiritual powers expand. A new level of awareness fosters in them an increased interest in profound questions and in their talents and abilities. During this short and critical three-year period, ideas about the individual and society that may very well shape the rest of their lives are formed. However, delight at these new powers is often combined with feelings of worry, discomfort, and doubt that may produce contradictions in behaviour. Directing their new abilities towards selfless service to humanity is therefore needed at this age.

With the aim of enhancing the powers of expression of junior youth, the program will strengthen literacy skills in the young people and will help them begin to articulate ideas with some degree of precision and clarity. It holds to a worldview cognizant of the material and spiritual dimensions of human existence. It strives to create within them the moral structures that will underlie their decisions and guide their actions as they mature into young adults and active members of society.


A short video clip about JY program:

  • Junior Youth Empowerment Program ages 12 to 15
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