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About Us

There is a very active Bahá'í community in Ajax, Ontario. We get together regularly and often to worship, study sacred writings, celebrate holy days, and just to socialize. The Bahá'í writings address social issues as well as personal growth issues, and encourage us to work to "carry forward an ever advancing civilization". Consequently, the Bahá'ís of Ajax also tend to be very involved in other community organizations -- particularly those which are in harmony with Bahá'í principles. Over the years, several members of the Ajax Bahá'í community have served as Board members of the Ajax Pickering Social Development Council, now the Durham Region Development Council and continue to do so. They have served on the Municipal Race Relations Committees for the town of Ajax, and on committees of the United Way, and the Durham District School Board to promote awareness for multicultural and diversity in the community.

There have been Bahá'ís in Ajax since the mid 1940's. The members of this community work in many different fields: education, business, science, technology, and many more. They come from many different racial and cultural groups such as Japanese, African American, Middle Eastern, South American and many European nations. Some of the Bahá'ís in Ajax were raised as Bahá'ís (second or third generation), but most have discovered and embraced the Faith as a result of their own spiritual search. This latter group comes from a wide range of religious backgrounds including many Christian denominations, Muslim, Buddhist, and even former agnostics and atheists.

Since the Bahá'í Faith has no clergy, the community depends upon an elected body of 9 adults called the Local Spiritual Assembly to provide guidance and direction for the community. To support its activities, the community also has a local monetary fund to which only Bahá'ís are allowed to give.

There are many ongoing activities in Ajax and we invite you to join us. You will find a diverse, spiritually-based, welcoming group of warm, friendly people.